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internet access problem - telephone connectors
The RJ-11 telephone connector
A common problem seen with on-site business & in home computer repair by this tech, is internet access problems due to broken RJ-11 phone connectors, wires and lines going to the pc.

Bad cables and jacks can look fine - under close visual inspection - even when they are shorted out or damaged. Telephones may have internal shorts too, use a known working phone to test the line; plug it in and listen for a dial tone.

Bad Telephone Lines will cause Internet Connection Problems; seen in Solana Beach, Cardiff, La Jolla and other California cities - on site Computer PC Repairs

Testing this often overlooked issue - bad phone lines - is the first step in diagnosing an apparent DSL, modem, router or cable high-speed internet connection related PC problem.

Some Recent Examples
A client in Solana Beach, California had a problem with their web TV service. There was a bad phone line connecting the internet modem to the wall jack; when replaced, service was restored.

In Cardiff a bad phone line cable was replaced restoring the client's dial-up internet connection.

A client's 2-line office phone in La Jolla, CA was unresponsive when connected to their LinkSys router; with two separate phone jacks for VOIP. Verizon DSL and Vonage tech support services were unable to resolve the problem. The 2-line phone was unplugged and a single line, standard corded phone was connected to the first VOIP jack; it's virtual phone number was then called successfully. The single line phone was then unhooked and re-hooked up to the second jack, the second virtual number was called and rang through. The old 2-line phone was defective; the client purchased a new 2-line phone and this internet computer repair issue was resolved. sponsored links & navigation

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